the great love of punk, gone horribly wrong…

Sid and Nancy, du har hørt om dem, sant? Sid Vicious, bassisten i det britiske pønk-rock bandet Sex Pistols, og hans utkårede, Nancy Spungen. En mer turbulent kjærlighets historie skal man vel leite lenge etter. dop, sex, sjalusi, rock, fyll og kjærlighet. og en slutt som enda er uklar.

12. oktober 1978 våknet, i følge han selv, Vicious etter å ha kabba og fant Nancy død. Hun var knivstukket én gang i magen og skal ha blødd ihjel. drapsvåpenet var sid vicious sin egen kniv, han ble arrestert for drapet på henne. 22. oktober 1978 prøvde Sid å ta sitt eget liv, han ble innlagt på sykehus og senere sendt i fengsel, hvor han var i 55 dager før han slapp ut på kausjon. 1. februar 1979 tok Sid Vicious sitt eget liv.

det har vært mange andre teorier rundt Nancy Spungen sin død, en av dem er at hele greia var en dop handel som gikk veldig galt. Vicious selv skal ha sagt under forhør at han drepte henne, men mente det ikke; “i loved her, but she treated me like shit!”.



om filmen med navnet “sid and nancy” fra 1986, som omhandler paret og deres forhold sier Johnny Rotten, vokalisten i Sex Pistols dette;

Johnny Rotten´s retort to the sid and nancy movie:

I cannot understand why anyone would want to put out a movie like Sid and Nancy and not bother to speak to me; Alex Cox, the director, didn’t. He used as his point of reference – of all the people on this earth – Joe Strummer! That guttural singer from The Clash? What the fuck did he know about Sid and Nancy? That’s probably all he could find, which was really scraping the bottom of the barrel. The only time Alex Cox made any approach toward me was when he sent the chap who was playing me over to New York where I was. This actor told me he wanted to talk about the script. During the two days he was there, he told me that the film had already been completed. The whole thing was a sham. It was a ploy to get my name used in connection with the film, in order to support it.”
“To me this movie is the lowest form of life. I honestly believe that it celebrates heroin addiction. It definitely glorifies it at the end when that stupid taxi drives off into the sky. That’s such nonsense. The squalid New York hotel scenes were fine, except they needed to be even more squalid. All of the scenes in London with the Pistols were nonsense. None bore any sense of reality. The chap who played Sid,
Gary Oldman, I thought was quite good. But even he only played the stage persona as opposed to the real person. I don’t consider that Gary Oldman’s fault because he’s a bloody good actor. If only he had the opportunity to speak to someone who knew the man. I don’t think they ever had the intent to research properly in order to make a seriously accurate movie. It was all just for money, wasn’t it? To humiliate somebody’s life like that – and very successfully – was very annoying to me. The final irony is that I still get asked questions about it. I have to explain that it’s all wrong. It was all someone else’s fucking fantasy, some Oxford graduate who missed the punk rock era. The bastard.”
“When I got back to London, they invited me to a screening. So I went to see it and was utterly appalled. I told Alex Cox, which was the first time I met him, that he should be shot, and he was quite lucky I didn’t shoot him. I still hold him in the lowest light. Will the real Sid please stand up?”
“As for how I was portrayed, well, there’s no offense in that. It was so off and ridiculous. It was absurd. Champagne and baked beans for breakfast? Sorry. I don’t drink champagne. He didn’t even speak like me. He had a
Scouse accent. Worse, there’s a slur implied in the movie that I was jealous of Nancy, which I find particularly loathsome. There is that implication that I feel was definitely put there. I guess that’s Alex Cox showing his middle class twittery. It’s all too glib, it’s all too easy.”[9]

– John Lyndon, aka Johnny Rotten –

source: wikipedia


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