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band of the day is Terawatt, for making my day much brighter with their wonderful music.. visit their myspace site and download their EP!  I especially recommend the songs “Thick Electrisity” and “Her name was summer”, “thick electrisity” is actually a remake of the original song made by Psyndromatik (who you also should listen to although they are retired), the vocalist/bassplayer in Terawatt, Atle-Hjørn Øien (the guy with the black hat), was also the bass player and vocalist in Psyndromatik. Personally i find both versions of the song magnificent, the Psyndromatic version is very grunge meets the cure like and the Terawatt version is more upbeat and fun. Terawatt is a Norwegian band from the city Bergen, they are very talented and many of the members play in other successful bands; Atle also plays in The Foggy Few and in The Greenland Whalefishers. visit their myspace for more information… And trust me, I am not saying this because Atle just happens to be my uncle, they are great!! Objectically speaking.


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