Dagens Fotograf – Cecilia Colombara

Navn: Cecilia Colombara,
Alder: 26
Bustad: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Jobb/Occupation: I work in all kind of jobs but right now I am working at a medical centre and in a pasta factory. I am studying the first year of visual arts but did the theatre acting career in the past.


Korleis interessa byrja/How the interest for photography began: Actually, I don’t know how. It was more than two years from now and I was in the middle of some changes in my life and when I picked a camera it felt like the best vacation ever. I am taking pictures since then.

Inspirasjon/Inspiration: I am mostly inspired by natural light, movies and gestures. I love how the body is full of expressive possibilities and I try to work in that as well. I like to find beauty in every single thing and through the camera it seems easier to me.

Utstyr/Equipment:Well, I usually use my digital camera, right now is a canon t1i but I began with a nikon d40. I used to take some lomo shots before and tried some medium format (not as much as I’d like) and right now, I am also using a 35 mm Zenit camera that I truly love.

Beste tips til andre fotografar/best tip for other photographs: Mmmm I am not sure I have one, I would say that the most important thing is to be sincere with yourself and take whatever you want to take. You know, do it not for the fame but for yourself

Kva fotografi handlar om/Most important thing about photography:That you can see everything in a new and shiny way. That you can capture things that will remain forever in a piece of sheet. And the most amazing thing, that you are capturing light and light is everything.

Yndlings fotograf/favorite photograper: Well, I have many but some of them are Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Francesca Woodman & Ryan Mcginley. Then a bunch of big inspiration in Flickr.




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4 responses to “Dagens Fotograf – Cecilia Colombara

  1. Sv: Ja, vegetabilsk er jo et must. Men eg undrar.. Korleis får du i deg nok protein?

    Likte bilde når jenta låg på senga, det var nice! 😀

  2. hihi, takketakketakk:))

  3. Me encantan Ceci! De verdad que te felicito. Hace poco más de 1 año que te tengo como contacto en Facebook y vos fuiste una de las personas que me inspiró para comenzar la carrera de foto.

    Te mando un beso!

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