Dagens Fotograf – Cristina Juárez

Navn: Cristina Juárez
Alder: 23
Bustad: Mexico

Jobb/Occupation: I finished my college degree, I studied pedagogy and nowadays I’m making my thesis

Korleis interessa byrja/How the interest for photography began:Five years ago my father gave me a digital camera and I started taking some pictures of my family and random things. After that, I realized that I really like this.

Inspirasjon/Inspiration:I find inspiration in everyday things and especially in nature. I love animals and trees.

Utstyr/Equipment: I usually use a digital camera but i love my analog camera that is a Canon T50. I also use a Lomo Pop 9, Sony A200, Polaroid 35mm and other cheap analog cameras.

Beste tips til andre fotografar/best tip for other photographs:I don’t know if there’s a tip or a good advice for them but I think that the most important thing is being original and honest with yourself and with your ideals.

Kva fotografi handlar om/Most important thing about photography:I think that it is the best way to express your feelings and your appreciation for the everyday things.

Yndlings fotograf/favorite photograper:I have a lot of favorite photographers but nowadays i’m a fan of Shelbie Nicole Dimond, Vins Baratta, Marco Trinchillo and Miriam Lamarka that is mexican too.




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2 responses to “Dagens Fotograf – Cristina Juárez

  1. elsker disse “fotografanbefalingene” dine. inspirerende!

  2. Jag tycker verkligen verkligen om din blogg. Väldigt fina bilder!

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