Dagens Fotograf – Nishe

Navn: Nishe (nickname)
Alder: 25
Bustad: Polen (Poland)

Jobb/Occupation: I’m still a student but I graduate this year.

Korleis interessa byrja/How the interest for photography began: When I was little I used to pretend that I was taking photos of butterflies in the meadow, I had a broken camera to play with. I was fascinated by its complexity and by the sound of the shutter.

Inspirasjon/Inspiration: Random thoughts and ideas, things around me.

Utstyr/Equipment: Canon 350d and a Zenit 12xp with my various old lenses.

Beste tips til andre fotografar/best tip for other photographs: Digital cameras are convenient but film has a special quality to it.
If your friends like to have their picture taken, you’re lucky and you should “take advantage” of that.

Kva fotografi handlar om/Most important thing about photography: The vision.

Yndlings fotograf/favorite photograper: Emil Schildt and Dr Natasza (plfoto.com/1359/autor.html)





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2 responses to “Dagens Fotograf – Nishe

  1. Fantastiske bilder!

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