Dagens Fotograf – Laura Zalenga

Navn: Laura Zalenga
Alder: 20
Bustad: South of Germany

Jobb/Occupation: Alevel 2009; half year Aupair in the netherlands; right now i apply for artschools in Germany (i want to study Fotodesign)

Korleis interessa byrja/How the interest for photography began:i got a little digital camera as a birthday present when i was 14 because i always wished i could share the beauty of the world i see.

Inspirasjon/Inspiration:life inspires me. music, nature, other artists work, things which lay around in my room, and light. light is a big inspiration…

Utstyr/Equipment: i have a Nikon D5000 and a Sigma 18-200 lens, a tripod and a remoter.

Beste tips til andre fotografar/best tip for other photographs:my best best tip is: take thousands of photos. learning by doing is the only way. and look through a million photos of others. never stop trying new things and never stop forcing yourself to the best.

Kva fotografi handlar om/Most important thing about photography:wow thats hard. most important about photography… is having fun and enjoy (definitely! for me the best thing is that photography makes me feel better. to understand myself. and see and feel the world in a different beautiful way.)

Yndlings fotograf/favorite photograper:i love Tim Walker, Anni Leibovitz, Marie Hochhaus (she’s not that famous but i adore her work!!!)






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One response to “Dagens Fotograf – Laura Zalenga

  1. laura zalenga

    wow its great. you did a great job!! thx soo so much!

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