Dagens Fotograf – Fabrizio Mingarelli

Name: Fabrizio Mingarelli
Age: 20
Current Location: Rome, Italy

Job/Occupation: i study architecture in rome.

How the interest for photography began: i started taking photographs when i was 14, my parents bought me an old digital kodak camera, i just wanted to express feelings with self portraits at first.

Inspiration: i’m ispired by music, movies, skinny people with long hair, sad faces in the metro station, random people walking down the street, lonely sides, and more. Everything can inspire me, it depends on my moment mood.

Equipment: i use a pentax k1000 for my analog shots and a canon eos 400d for my digital works, i have a polaroid too.

best tip to other photographers: ah no i don’t have any tip to other photographers, i think to need some tips from others rather aha, by the way the only thing i can say is to be yourself and listen a lot of good music.

The most important thing about photography: Definitely Light . light makes photography, we are all light catchers.

Favorite Photographer(s): i love hedi slimane and ryan mcginley for sure, but there are a lot of unknown artists very talented in the world.




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7 responses to “Dagens Fotograf – Fabrizio Mingarelli

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  2. kossen finne du dessa fotografane dine, og kossen får du de te å “snakka” med de?

  3. ja det syns eg du kan 🙂

  4. Helt fantastiske bilder altså! ELSKET virkelig bilde nr to!!

  5. Ida

    hmm. tror jeg har hørt om denne fotografen tidligere – spesielt, men interessant arbeid, skal ta en titt på intervjuet med deg også etterpå

  6. Liker denne spalten kjempegodt, og disse bildene er jo bare kjempeflotte!

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