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Dagens Fotograf – Fabrizio Mingarelli

Name: Fabrizio Mingarelli
Age: 20
Current Location: Rome, Italy

Job/Occupation: i study architecture in rome.

How the interest for photography began: i started taking photographs when i was 14, my parents bought me an old digital kodak camera, i just wanted to express feelings with self portraits at first.

Inspiration: i’m ispired by music, movies, skinny people with long hair, sad faces in the metro station, random people walking down the street, lonely sides, and more. Everything can inspire me, it depends on my moment mood.

Equipment: i use a pentax k1000 for my analog shots and a canon eos 400d for my digital works, i have a polaroid too.

best tip to other photographers: ah no i don’t have any tip to other photographers, i think to need some tips from others rather aha, by the way the only thing i can say is to be yourself and listen a lot of good music.

The most important thing about photography: Definitely Light . light makes photography, we are all light catchers.

Favorite Photographer(s): i love hedi slimane and ryan mcginley for sure, but there are a lot of unknown artists very talented in the world.




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Dagens Fotograf – Alexis Mire

Namn: Alexis Mire
Alder: 18
Bustad: Roots in Louisiana, heart in California, mind in Florida.

Jobb/Occupation: I am enrolled in University and I am preparing for a major in Graphic Design.

Korleis interessa byrja/how the interest for photography began: I had always loved the magic of taking photos but the photographers I found on flickr are what really inspired me to get serious about my work. I was amazed at how talented young photographers were and I wanted to reach the point where I inspired someone as heavily as these teenagers inspired me.

Inspirasjon/Inspiration: Everything on Earth (and outside of Earth) is inspiring in some way, the wind, the water, the sound a voice makes when you feel something bigger, the bottom of the sea, the break of a bone, reality at its finest, really. Just anything that occurs around me, there is inspiration in everything it is all based on perspective.

Utstyr/Equipment: I have a canon rebel xsi, with a 50mm 1.8 lens, a canon ae-1 with a 50mm 1.4 lens, an a mamiya RB67 with a 90mm lens.

Beste tips til andre fotografar/ best tip to other photographers: Practice and don’t be so afraid of trying something different, lots of new photographers (myself included) fall into trends and never explore outside of their comfort zones. Don’t be afraid to do something eccentric and different. I also suggest a 365, my 365 project made my photography blossom into a thousand different directions. Taking one photo a day for an entire year changes you, drastically, as an artist.

Det viktigaste med foto/the most important thing about photography: That it is mine and no one can take it away from me.

Yndlings fotograf/ Favorit photographer: Right now I am really into Chadwick Tyler, Gregory Crewdson and Olivia Bee, with a subtle hint of Sally Mann.



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Dagens Fotograf – Konstantina Bakali

Namn: Konstantina Bakali
Alder: 18
Bustad: Thessaloniki, Greece

Jobb/Occupation: I finished school two months ago and waiting for my exam results. At the same time I’m working on my portfolio as I want to get into an art school in berlin or paris next year…

Korleis interessa byrja/How the interest for photography began: I started taking photographs almost two years ago in a school trip abroad. I wasn’t feeling really close to any one and I didn’t have much fun so my photo camera became my best friend. I’m a very shy person and for me taking photographs is a good way not to feel uncomfortable in crowded places

Inspirasjon/Inspiration: movements, bed sheets, rainy days, feeling sad or lonely or hopeless, the night sky, filmmakers like ingmar bergman, terrence davies and maya deren, bare trees, long and meaningful conversations, people who smoke, pale skin and so many other things.

Utstyr/Equipment: I work a lot with a yashica t4 and black and white film. I also have a zenit-e but I’m having some problems with it

Beste tips til andre fotografar/best tip for other photographs: Well, I don’t really know if I have a tip as I’m very new to photography myself.! I’d say, be confident to yourself.! I’m not and it doesn’t really helping…

Kva fotografi handlar om/Most important thing about photography: Capturing feelings and individuality…

Yndlings fotograf/favorite photograper: Miroslav Tichy and Diane Arbus as well as many young artists-photographers on flickr



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Dagens Fotograf – Cristina Juárez

Navn: Cristina Juárez
Alder: 23
Bustad: Mexico

Jobb/Occupation: I finished my college degree, I studied pedagogy and nowadays I’m making my thesis

Korleis interessa byrja/How the interest for photography began:Five years ago my father gave me a digital camera and I started taking some pictures of my family and random things. After that, I realized that I really like this.

Inspirasjon/Inspiration:I find inspiration in everyday things and especially in nature. I love animals and trees.

Utstyr/Equipment: I usually use a digital camera but i love my analog camera that is a Canon T50. I also use a Lomo Pop 9, Sony A200, Polaroid 35mm and other cheap analog cameras.

Beste tips til andre fotografar/best tip for other photographs:I don’t know if there’s a tip or a good advice for them but I think that the most important thing is being original and honest with yourself and with your ideals.

Kva fotografi handlar om/Most important thing about photography:I think that it is the best way to express your feelings and your appreciation for the everyday things.

Yndlings fotograf/favorite photograper:I have a lot of favorite photographers but nowadays i’m a fan of Shelbie Nicole Dimond, Vins Baratta, Marco Trinchillo and Miriam Lamarka that is mexican too.



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Dagens Fotograf – Cecilia Colombara

Navn: Cecilia Colombara,
Alder: 26
Bustad: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jobb/Occupation: I work in all kind of jobs but right now I am working at a medical centre and in a pasta factory. I am studying the first year of visual arts but did the theatre acting career in the past.

Korleis interessa byrja/How the interest for photography began: Actually, I don’t know how. It was more than two years from now and I was in the middle of some changes in my life and when I picked a camera it felt like the best vacation ever. I am taking pictures since then.
Inspirasjon/Inspiration: I am mostly inspired by natural light, movies and gestures. I love how the body is full of expressive possibilities and I try to work in that as well. I like to find beauty in every single thing and through the camera it seems easier to me.
Utstyr/Equipment:Well, I usually use my digital camera, right now is a canon t1i but I began with a nikon d40. I used to take some lomo shots before and tried some medium format (not as much as I’d like) and right now, I am also using a 35 mm Zenit camera that I truly love.
Beste tips til andre fotografar/best tip for other photographs: Mmmm I am not sure I have one, I would say that the most important thing is to be sincere with yourself and take whatever you want to take. You know, do it not for the fame but for yourself
Kva fotografi handlar om/Most important thing about photography:That you can see everything in a new and shiny way. That you can capture things that will remain forever in a piece of sheet. And the most amazing thing, that you are capturing light and light is everything.
Yndlings fotograf/favorite photograper: Well, I have many but some of them are Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Francesca Woodman & Ryan Mcginley. Then a bunch of big inspiration in Flickr.




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dagens fotograf info, speleliste og ei liste som berre er fin

bloggen er litt kjedelig i det siste. eg veit det, og det irriterar meg grådig,  heldigvis fins det grunnar til det. heilt sidan eg kom igjen frå frankrike for ein månad sidan har eg vore heilt drukna i skulearbeid og jobben min. eg har hatt tre eksamenar, tre heildagsprøver og jobba mykje ekstravakter på jobb. av og til så må ein nesten berre prioritere det ein må gjere i staden for det ein VIL gjere. hadde det vore opp til meg, hadde eg brukt vekene på å intervjue fotografar og sjølv tatt mykje bileter. men eg bur på hybel og er økonomisk uavhengig og eg går på skule, så slik blir det berre.

eg har jo sjølv sett (og forstått kvifor) at lesartalet har sunke dei siste vekene, det er heilt forståeleg. dei siste to vekene har eg heller ikkje hatt macen min, den ligger på eplehuset i bergen etter å ha vore på service, og eg har måtta bruke min mors pc. forhåpentlegvis får eg den tilbake til mandag. pcen til mamma støttar ikkje raw-filer og eg får ikkje lasta opp bileter og i alle fall ikkje redigert dei (om ikkje det vil at eg skal paint redigere uopnbare rawfiler). ein anna grunn til lite og uvarierande innlegg.

no derimot er eg ferdig med alle eksamenane mine, eg har berre èi heildagsprøve igjen og no har eg også invistert i nytt objektiv. eg har så smått begynt å intervjue fotografar igjen, og har laga grunnlag til forbetring i “dagens fotograf”. forhåpentlegvis blir det ny dagens fotograf i løpet av helga. det skal eg gjere alt for å klare! det skal bli deilig å kunne publisere eit innlegg av litt kvalitet og arbeid. skal også prøve å bli flinkare til å annbefale andre bloggar, bøker og liknande. lovde ei for fleire månadar sidan å fortelle om stativet mitt og kva eg syns om det. (eg syns det er kjempe fint, tar litt tid å stille inn, men står støtt og stadig).

tenkte eg kunne legge ut ei speleliste: sommar kjensle og jane eyre og iste

og ei fin fin liste eg fann.


liste: ukjent


a little update about the blog. these last few weeks my updating has been irregular and the quality so and so. i’ve had three exams (biology, spanish and international english) and three finals in addition. i have also been to france, been busy at work and have had to make some tough prioritizing. the last two weeks my mac has also been in Bergen getting a little fix, and my access to computers has been my mothers computer. of course i would love to spend my time interviewing photographers and taking loads of pictures and editing them. i just have not had the oppertunity lately, and it is really unfortunate.

however, i have started to interview some photographers again, and i hope to publish some photographer of the day segments during the coming days. until then i hope it will do with a playlist: sommar kjensle og jane eyre og iste and the lovely list above (source unknown).


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Dagens Fotograf – Ashlie Nicole Chavez

Ashlie Nicole Chavez er 23 år frå L.A. County, USA. ho arbeider som creative writer og alternativ fotograf. Interessa for foto har ho hatt sida ho var 13 år. Inspirasjonskjelda hennes er skiftande, men ho seier at ho er mest driven av ein trang til å fortelje intime tankar til dei ho elskar, men også av det terapeutiske som kunst utgjer for mennesker. Bileta sine tek ho med kva som helst som tar opp film.

Flickr. Heimeside.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

. by ash lie.

Ashlie Nicole Chavez is 23 years-old and from LA county, USA. She works as a creative writer and alternative process photographer. It was at the age of 13 that she became interested for photography, and the interest has since grown. Her source of inspiration changes, but she says that mostly it comes from a compulsion to tell intimate thoughts to her loved ones and also by the notion that art dispels a therapeutic quality into the lives that make it. For taking photographs she will use anything that will suck up film.

Flickr. Website.

PS: er fult klar over dårleg oversetting på dette innlegget!


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